Friday, May 25, 2018

Week Fifty-Two

Can you believe it?
The 52nd week of my year quilt. And every day was aqua:

25/05/2018    13.8    aqua/teal
24/05/2018    11.5    aqua/teal
23/05/2018    10.3    aqua/teal
22/05/2018    11.9    aqua/teal
21/05/2018    11.6    aqua/teal
20/05/2018    12.8    aqua/teal
19/05/2018    11.1    aqua/teal

This is the third time in the year where I've had a whole week all the same colour. Week 3, week 9, and now week 52 were full weeks of aqua!

You might think that this would be the last week of the year quilt. But if I stop now, the year would have no 26th May. So I am going to do one more week, which will cover a whole year plus 6 days, and take me up to the official first day of winter.  

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Thursday, May 24, 2018


This afternoon a friend took me along as a guest to a members' preview of a new exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, Japonisme: Japan and the Birth of Modern Art.

Then before I could get home and write a blog post, Jeanette had written and published her own, and said everything I could have. Even most of her photos are the same as ones I took. So go and read her post here!

Here are a couple of extra photos:
How about that for a vase? Due to certain deficiencies and ambiguities in the labelling of the exhibition I couldn't work out which label belonged to this item. I downloaded the labels from the NGV website, and searched for "peacock", but that turned up nothing. However I now think it is the piece labelled simply "Vase c. 1896", designed by Christopher Dresser.

A touch of Art Nouveau:
Tiffany "Wisteria" lamp designed by Clara Driscoll,  "Jack in the Pulpit" vase designed by Tiffany himself, and a rather beautiful French display cabinet by Louis Majorelle (who was the father of Jacques, the painter who created the garden in Morocco).

I enjoyed the exhibition, apart from things mentioned in Jeanette's blog post. It is definitely worth visiting.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Garden Colour


Crepe myrtle:
Two of the crepe myrtles have lost all their leaves,  two have turned autumn colours, and one is still covered in green leaves and flower buds.

Beaufortia orbifolia:
This is a plant from Western Australia, but we bought it from the Melton Botanic Garden nursery.

Hakea hybrid "Burrendong Beauty":
The flowers will pop open and look like little pincushions when they are ready.

This afternoon we went to look at Lal Lal Falls. We've had drizzly rain for days, but look at the amount of water at the Falls:
None. Although it does look a bit wet, so there must have been a bit of flow recently.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Tank and Feathers

Outside, workers installed another water tank:

Inside I finished quilting the 9th charity quilt:
Not that you can see the quilting very well on the front. Here's the back:
Some of this was practice for this week of Angela Walters's "Free Motion Quilting Along Challenge", a simple feather design. It was good to have lots of room to practice those feathers!

Here's a section of the quilt so you can see the quilting better:

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Sunday, May 20, 2018


My Japanese maple Acer palmatum "Osakazuki" is losing its leaves:
The remaining ones are turning beautiful orange and red shades:
This is its first year in the ground, so it is nice to see that its autumn colour lives up to the label.

Saturday, May 19, 2018


When I arrived home last night I discovered that the population of domestic creatures had grown:

Last weekend our 10-yr-old chook died, which was rather sad. But now we have 3 ducks to replace her. Nett increase in the creature count: 2.

Another unexpected arrival:
A spring star flower open before winter even starts!

Friday, May 18, 2018


Today a group of quilting friends took a trip down to Torquay to visit Jen Kingwell's shop, Amitié.
We sat and sewed, ate lunch from the in-store café, and probably all splashed a bit of cash on lovely fabrics and patterns.

The very high ceiling means there is plenty of room to display quilts above the stock shelves:
See the quilt up above the Featherweight? I photographed that because of a design idea I've had in one of my sketchbooks for ever. I based it on the robe Katharine Hepburn is wearing in this scene in Adam's Rib:
Adams rib trailer.png
Trailer screenshot uploaded by Lobo512 at en.wikipedia - Adam's Rib trailer, as featured on the DVD, Public Domain, Link

One day it will get made maybe!

There is lots of room between the shelves, too. The fabrics are all arranged by colour:
What I didn't photograph are the little baskets of 1/16ths scattered around between the shelves. They're ideal for if you just need a touch of something. For example, the background I've used in this week's temperature rosette came from one, as did today's hexie:

This is week 51. So close to the end. Here are the temperatures:

18/05/2018    13.1    aqua/teal
17/05/2018    10.3    aqua/teal
16/05/2018      9.3    blue
15/05/2018      9.8    blue
14/05/2018    14.3    aqua/teal
13/05/2018    11.2    aqua/teal
12/05/2018    11.3    aqua/teal

It really feels like winter has arrived. I know last year in the week before I started this quilt there were three "green" days - ie temperatures between 15 and 20C. But this year it seems green is gone.

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